Our office is contracted with:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas


**Please note that Dr. Nath is not a Medicare provider and the out of state Medicaid plans that are accepted by the hospital are very limited.  Please feel free to contact our office and the insurance specialist will be able to assist you with any questions. 

After you or the patient receives care at Texas Nerve & Paralysis Institute, we will send a claim to your insurance company. We will do everything we can do to minimize your financial burden by maximizing your insurance benefits.  


You may receive separate billing statements from different entities which took part in your/ the patients care:

**There is no positive result guarantee with any surgery. You will be responsible for any remaining balance regardless of surgical result. 

If you are notified that you must give our office authorization to appeal the claim on your behalf, please fill out & send the Form for Designated Representative and fax 713-592-9921 or email to biller1@drnathmedical.com

Patient's with United Healthcare should use specified form