The Importance of Biceps Length for Good Shoulder Function


LEFT: Without Elbow Extension Splint

RIGHT: With Elbow Extension Splint


LEFT: Without Elbow Extension Splint

RIGHT: With elbow Extension Splint

Children with obstetric brachial plexus injuries often develop shortened biceps tendons due to many factors including:

     prolonged internal rotation posture of the shoulder

     lack of stability at the elbow

     decreased triceps strength as compared to biceps strength

Use of an elbow extension splint / brace which decreases the ability of the biceps to fully function allows the shoulder to move more freely.

If this is noted in a child, one needs to consider a more permanent solution to wearing an external device such as The Biceps Tendon Lengthening Surgery.

             Peer-Reviewed Publications On The Topic Of Biceps Tendon Lengthening Surgery

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